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Born in the mystic center of Scandinavia, my name is High Priestess Morgane. I am now an happy woman of 68 with wonderful grand children. But life wasn't always good to me. After both of my parents died when I was a six years old child, the mighty and ancient Dragon Order sheltered me to be one of them. The great priest of the dragonís flame, and leader of the order and powerful sorcerer, felt a psychic and spiritual gift in my soul and decided to take me under his wing. It was an immense chance and honour that was given to me, but it was a hard responsability and obliged me to learn and work all day and night. But at the same time, I had an unique opportunity just before me:

the possibility to learn and understand the centuries-old secrets of sorcery.


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The order is a very secret brotherhood that was created in the 15th century by the king of Walachia, the famous Vlad Tepes. At war against the Turkish Empire, outnumbered, he wanted to develop a new weapon that could overpass and surprise the strength of the enemy. This new power came with the use of magick spells that could give force to the Tepesí army. There was created the Dragon Order. From that date, the sorcerer and witches who were part of the order live in the shadows to keep the secret of their amazing power.

Nowadays, we keep developing magick to fulfil the new needs of mankind: love, money, work, luck or success.

The website youíre actually reading is the only testimony of our existence and we offer you an immense privilege: the order needs funds to restore its temple and I will accept clients for a limited period. Seize that chance and ask me to work for you. I will personally estimate your needs and cast the most powerful spells to solve most of your problems.